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Great memories!

Here's what our students say about us and what other's say about our students.

I'm Still doing the happy dance after lessons this morning!

Melanie took lessons in Arizona this summer. Here is what her instructor had to say. "Your posture was perfect. I never had to tell you to change your diagonal. Whoever is teaching you is doing a great job!"

"I know you have the best horses for young riders and I love your teaching style and I loved working there when I was a teen ^.^ And I know they(my nieces) would be in good hands with you! Jamie Woods

Kara Bluvas "This was the absolute best way to come into the horse world! I'm so grateful that this is where I got my start riding. I learned about riding but also proper horsemanship and care and not to mention a great work ethic! Plus we sure had fun "

Linnea Sweet's "The best thing I ever did. Taught me a work ethic and made me wise beyond my years. I hope to get my kids in a similar program (or yours if you are still doing it then). It taught me so much."

Erica Culbert "I will never forget it!! one of the best experiences I've ever had 😊 I miss it so much"

Jessica VanSlyke Seeley "I still think about those days and how much fun we had."

David Cummings "I miss going up there and helping on the farm"

Claire Cellary "Best thing I ever did! Miss you guys "

Sharah Yaddaw "Uh... I am in Mexico at the moment and tasked among other things, with helping to train a rescue donkey. Of course her name is Bonita. And I have been thinking often of our pas de deux with Rusty and Bonita. And everything I learned from Debbie Sams

Chrissy Knapp "Where it all began ! "😍